Digital goodness for human beings

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes in the UK and internationally, mostly NGOs and charities.

Digital engagement and social

A helping hand to get you off the ground, build a community, or support your existing activities. We live on social.

Project delivery

Full life-cycle management of digital communications projects, from gathering and understanding user requirements to launch and support.


The tools, training and support you need. We’ve got experience in everything from content management to collaboration, and keep things clear, simple and affordable. We love WordPress.

The Team

Nerding out for you.
Nathan Nelson

Nathan Nelson


Nathan is a bipedal primate, 6'2" in height with a fondness for cake. Nathan has worked in comms, engagement and project delivery for around 20 years and has the scars to prove it. He is a world champion at writing short biographies about himself in the third person.

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Getting it wrong better than ever

Jira is just one fantastic example of tools that profoundly assist organisations in doing the wrong things righter. — Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) September 24, 2013 My team uses JIRA. And MS Project. And Trello, Smartsheet, Read more…


Demand less interactivity

In addition to demanding less interactivity, Internet users requested fewer links and clickable icons connected to social media outlets through which they could email, share, tweet, pin, blog, or re-blog content. Many said that when Read more…

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